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In particular, be firm about biting. Puppy-nipping is funny at first but a bite from an adult dog is dangerous. Do start training early and regularly.

Join a puppy-training class or contact a pet behaviourist who is registered with the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors. Do give your puppy lots of new experiences. Take your puppy to lots of new places, walk on different surfaces grass and sand, as well as tarmac , and try out different types of transport.

The 7 Best Dog Training Books of

Proactivity is key here and will form the habits of a lifetime. Do enjoy your puppy. Your training and guidance will be rewarded with unconditional love from your dog for the rest of its life. It is the best puppy training book for raising and training a puppy. For more than 30 years, the monks of New Skete are a community of dog loving monks who bred, raised, and trained dogs especially German Shepherds. They draw on their experiences as long time breeders of German Shepherds. The monks take you through different topics such as the decision to adopt a puppy through certain steps, preparing your home, and basic obedience exercises.

The monks train their own German Shepherd dogs and any other kind of breed according to a unique program based on canine behavior and how to enrich the bond between dog parent and the puppy. The book helps show you ways to have dominance when dealing with a puppy so they listen to what you ask them to do. It also offers a complete guide with more than 80 black and white photographs. These training methods are effective with many dogs. This guide explains the stages of puppy development, communication with your puppy, training program of your puppy, and dealing with puppy problems such as chewing, paper training, and jumping up on people.

This book is written by Steve Mann who have been a professional dog trainer and behaviorist for 30 years.

Puppy Training: Owner's Week-By-Week Training Guide

He is the founder of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. Steve has helped transform the lives of over , dogs and their families. The book will show you how to build a relationship with your puppy or dog. Puppy Primer is a book that is interactive and easy to follow. It is packed with positive reinforcement tips, tricks, and special topics. This book is very popular that it has been used for thousands of trainers across the U.

Dog parents love the book because it provides concise information and instructions for your puppy. It is an upbeating and encouraging book that helps your puppy learn easily. Topics include socialization, positive reinforcement, house training, crate training, helping puppies conquer their fears, teaching obedience and emotional control.

There are other exercises that the book includes such as sit, down, stand, no jumping up, take it, and drop it.

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The book has shown positive results because it is based on positive reinforcement which is effective when training your puppy. This is a book by Charlotte Schulte who wrote the book to teach your puppy how to become trained. It is a week by week training guide for all new puppy owners.

The book offers housetraining methods and obedience training. The book is filled with a lot of illustrations well you can never get enough of them! The Training the Best Dog Ever is our pick for the best dog training guide. It is a must buy if you are a beginner looking for information on training your puppy or even your dog. And it is available in Kindle edition too.

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Authored by world-renowned pet behaviorist and expert, late Dr. Sophia Yin, this book provides a 7-day, easy-to-follow program to train your puppy to be a polite and happy pet companion. To make learning fun and interesting, the book is filled with over illustrations and photographs. Topics covered in the book include socializing, life-skills, housebreaking and more! The Perfect Puppy in 7 Days by late Dr. Sophia Yin is our Top Pick 1 for the best puppy training guide.

It is a must buy for any pet owner who has a young puppy as pet. Zak George, along with his co-author, Dina Roth Port has organized all the learnings from his experiences, videos, and shows to come up with a page primer that covers all facets of raising, training and caring for your favorite furry friend. In 9 sections, the book includes details on how to prepare yourself for owning a dog, how to train your dog, managing dog health and is filled with tips and tricks to manage puppy behavior. It even has some great playful tricks and ideas for spending time with your dog.

This book is our Top Pick 2 for the best dog training books. With an experience of over years Pat Miller is a premier dog trainer and authority on positive reinforcement and clicker technology to grow up your dog into an obedient and loving companion. And her book, The Power of Positive Dog Training book reflects all this experience in the field of pet behavior and training.

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  7. In more than pages, the book covers a six-week program to train your dog right from the early days and basic obedience to more advanced concepts. The book also has information on how to manage common behavioral problems with dogs.

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    The best part is the book is also available in Kindle and MP3 CD format, so you can pick the best format for your needs. You will find a reference to this book in many other books you consult and there is a good reason for that. Ian Dunbar has been a world-renowned veterinarian, behaviorist and dog trainer with unmatched experience of over forty years. There is probably hardly any dog training challenge that he has not encountered or handled in his long years as the premier authority in the field. This book, Before and After Getting Your Puppy, published first in , is an excellent resource for training a puppy for a lifetime of good behavior.

    Starting from how to choose the right breed and domestic training to socialization and health-care, the book touches on almost all aspects of dog training in a direct, to-the-point format.

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    At times, you may find the tone a little harsh, something many reviewers have had strong feelings about, but this is because of Dr. The book is an excellent supplement to the numerous videos and shows that you can find online. This to-the-point guide provides some great information and advice to follow during the first year of your canine companion. No discussion of dog training books is complete without a reference to Cesar Millan. Along with co-author Melissa Jo Peltier, in this all-around book, Cesar covers all the aspects of raising a dog right from the puppy years to adolescence.

    The strength of the book lies in covering the behavioral and psychological aspects of training your dogs. A lot of this information is provided in form of bullet points that a beginner dog owner can use to get some quick insights. If you are an experienced dog owner, you may find the book a little inadequate in some areas, but if you are a beginner, then you would find the information in the book an excellent starting point.