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Finding a big chunk of time to clean your entire house is a longshot when you work full-time. Doing all the cleaning all at once can also feel like a huge, intimidating time suck. As a result, if feels like you never have time to clean. Instead, commit to cleaning a little each day.

The Best Homemaking Advice I’ve Gotten. Ever.

There are a few ways to go about this. You can clean 1 room top to bottom each day Such as Monday — living room, Tuesday — bathrooms. Or, you can complete 1 house-wide task each day Such as dusting on Mondays, vacuuming on Tuesdays. I wrote an entire post on how to keep your house clean in 30 minutes a day. You can also grab a copy of my free cleaning checklist, which will help you keep your house clean from top to bottom.

Make great use of your time by knocking out little tasks whenever you have a free minute. For example:.

This is probably the most important of my cleaning tips for busy people. Hear me out. The cleaner your house is, the easier it is to keep clean. It probably has a thick layer of dust, grime, and, um, waste adorning it inside and out. Now think of a toilet that gets wiped down a few times each week.

Which would you rather do? And the path to the shiny toilet Countertop, floor, etc is to clean more often. A few times each week, take 30 seconds to wipe down the hard surfaces in your kitchen, bathrooms, and glass tabletops. I like to wipe down surfaces after I finish using the kitchen or bathroom TMI? As a result of those extra mini-cleanings, your full-on kitchen and bathroom cleaning sessions will be quicker, easier, and less overwhelming.

AND less gross. Who has time for that? The simplest fix is to store a basic cleaning product in the kitchen and in each bathroom, or at least on each floor of your home. I store a container of them in each bathroom, as well as on my kitchen counter. I like to keep my organizing supplies at the ready too, so I can get started organizing when inspiration strikes.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Getting in the habit of putting things away will go a long way toward keeping your house decluttered. As with cleaning frequently, a little regular decluttering will make it faster and less overwhelming to maintain a clean home. Take those stranded items with you when you leave the room, and put them away.

Need an example? Coming right up. I LOVE a made bed. It makes me feel like the adult I am. It makes my bedroom feel sophisticated. See, I always had a beautiful, stylish quilt set or comforter set. To be looked at and admired, not to be touched. And certainly not to be slept in! They were expensive, difficult to clean, and too beautiful not to preserve. For sleeping, I had a set of sturdy, inxpensive blankets. At bedtime, I would sanctimoniously fold my quilt or comforter, tuck the matching shams safely away, and break out my warm, trusty, workhorse blankets. The next morning, I would get up, invariably run late, and not have time to put those pieces back on display at my little Smithsonian Museum of Bedding.

They stayed in like-new condition, stowed in my closet for weeks at a time, while my bed lay in a messy, unmade state day after day. What new level of neurosis WAS this? So, I switched to a duvet and duvet cover. I wash the cover once per week Along with my sheets , and I wash the duvet itself once per month. I use the duvet to sleep AND to display on my made-up bed.

My Simple Stay at Home Mom Morning Routine

As a result, I make my bed every single day. I just pull my duvet up, throw the shams on, and boom — bed made. Another shortcut I take concerns my shower curtain. I switched to a fabric Hookless shower curtain with replaceable fabric liner. The entire thing is machine-washable, so I pull it off once a week, pop it in the washer, and let it hang dry back on the rod in the shower.

Look at your daily and weekly cleaning and decluttering routines, and see where you can make things easier by cutting out extra steps. That was definitely the case with us!

Depression and Your Messy House -

I asked Jon what 3 things he would appreciate most when he comes home each night, and his answers surprised me. He most appreciates it when…. Look at that list. And our evenings ended up stressed and tense and often ended in fighting.

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  8. But i decided to apply it to a different area of my life. My son has asd and adhd and his school life has been a nightmare with suspensions left right and centre. So im going to sit him down and instead of just giving him my expectations im going to ask him what would help him be more productive at school. Then we can line up the expectations and hopefully come up with a plan. Thanks for the change of perspective. When my boys were in diapers 3 all 10 months apart it was bed made, clean clothes, and dinner started, he was working 6am-6pm.

    I thought the list would be incredibly discouraging, chores or something He said 1.

    A hug and a kiss 2. Ask about his day. I asked my husband what 3 things he would appreciate when he gets home each day. I could seem him start to squirm; I think he thought it was some kind of trap. But I also think there are a lot more than 3 things he would like when he gets home.

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