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You remember who you are, how magical you are, and all that is possible to you and the world around you. Have you lost touch with your sense of self…your sense of being connected with something bigger? Have you lost your connection with nature and the community around you? Do you have a hard time finding quiet in your heart and mind? Before we go on to explore the specifics of running a bereavement support group, though, I would like to further define what I mean by growing through grief.

Growing Through Grief

The death of someone loved naturally brings about emotional, physical, and spiritual pain for us as human beings. My experience has taught me that we as human beings are forever changed by the death of someone in our lives. I believe this model of care is inadequate and often damaging to bereaved people of all ages.

In using the word growth, I acknowledge the changes that mourning brings about. While the bereaved person may do the work of mourning to recapture in part some sense of inner balance, it is a new inner balance.

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My hope is that the term growth reflects the active, ongoing process of mourning. The encounter with grief reawakens us to the importance of utilizing our potentials.

Growing Through Grief:

The concept of potential in this context could be defined as our capacity to mourn our losses openly and without shame, to be interpersonally effective in our relationships with others, and to continue to discover fulfillment in life, living and loving. Loss often serves as a catalyst to becoming more of what we can be instead of staying exactly what and where we are.

Loss seems to educate the potential within.

There is no recipe, no one size fits all, no right way and no wrong way to grieve. Grief sharing is a verb not an adjective. When someone is grieving, actions speak louder than words. Plant some flowers. Drop off meals. Send cards.

Decatur Memorial Hospital - Growing Through Grief

Help with rides. Help with laundry. Walk the dog, and the list goes on. Grief sharers show their unconditional support by having no expectations.

Here to help you.

Sharing in grief means respectfully following the lead of the person grieving. A grief sharer must remain aware of their intentions and prepare to be patient, flexible, and open. There is no quick fix or getting over grief. Grief is something you grow through.

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