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Bearded Nodding Monkey, Bonneted Rillow. Pal as. Black-banded Patas, Divifion 3. Cercopithecus cynofurus 2. Hamadryas urfinus. Cercopithecus veter. Cercopithecus Silenus. Silenus albibarbatus.

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Silenus Tie-tie. Silenus purpuratus, 5. Cere opithecus Faunus. Cercopithecus cynomolgus. Cercopithecus eynocephalus.

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Cercopithecus Diana. Cercopithecus fabaeus.


Cercopithecus cephus. Cercopithecus aethiops. Cercopithecus aygula. Cercopithecus finicus. Cercopithecus nemaeus. Cercopithecus Monina. Cercopithecus ruber.

Eterna - Invent Medicine.

White- I ;] I. While-banded Patas, Black Tala-poin.

Negro Monkey. Long-nofed Monkey. Yellowifh Monkey. Tawney Monkey. Greenifh Monkey, Hircine Monkey. King Monkey.

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Bay Monkey. Annulated Monkey. Grey Sajou. Homed Sapajou. Brown Sapajou. Chefnut Saimiri. C, ruber albofafciatitf, Cercopithecus Talapoin,j, G. Talapoin niger. Cercopithecuspetauriftus Cercopithecus maurus. Cercopithecus Roioway, Cercopithecus nafuus. Cercopithecus capiftratus Cercopithecus luteolus.

Cercopithecus fulvus. Cercopithecus viridens. Cercopithecus regalis. Cercopithecus badiue. Cercopithecus fufcus, ifion 4. SA P A jft. Sapajus Beelzebub.

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Sapajus feniculus. Sapajus panifcus. Sapajus Exquima. Sapajus trepidus.

Sapajus apella-. Sapajus Capucinus. Capucinus albulus. Sapajus variegatus.

Divifion C 59 ] Div-ifion 5. Sagoinus pithecia. Sagoinus Jacchus. Yellowifh Sanglin.

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  • Jacchus mofchatus. Sagoinus Oedipus. Sagoinus rofalius. Sagoinus argenteus. Sagoinus Midas. Genus i ii. L EMU R. Loris, 1. Lemur tardigradus. Taillefs Maucauco. Lemur ecaudatus. Lemur Indri. Lemur Potto. Lemur Mojigoz. Black-faced Mongous. Mongoz maur. Blade Mongous.