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The injection did not cause the scar to worsendecreased versus baseline in all study groups at the end or to extend beyond the original borders. The statistically 5 Mean lesion height, erythema pliability and pruritus score improvement throughout the treatment period.


The final improvement in height, erthema, pruritus and pliability at the end of the week study. The total regression of keloid on the helix of a 25 year-old man. The total regression of keloid on the neck of 10 year-old boy. The total regression of keloid on the chest of 35 year-old man. Their results demonstrated that all the previouslythe efficacy of each modality alone i.


Atwere most common in the intralesional corticosteroids week 28, adverse sequelae like telangectasia or atrophyinjection. But the triad combination was not performed. Hypopigmentation were rare in ourthe addative efficacy of this combination versus the use study 8.

In our study, the fewer undesirable side effects when compared withpatient self assessment and observer assessment were intralesional potent corticosteroids alone. In results have been reported by other investigators. But intralesional injections ofWe reported a complete regression of keloids in The parallel study of Asilian et al22 did The delayed recurrence has been seen frequently, andnot mentioned complete resolution.

It seems that the most likely representing incomplete resolution of thedifference in results can be due to different treatment scar. These scars need periodic treatments until theyprotocol as we used less frequent injections, higher TAC completely flatten. Although the recurrent keloids areconcentration, and more laser sessions.


This reflects the still responsive to treatment, but need ongoing therapy,fact that the less frequent injections is more effective which is painful and more frequent to be practical. Inand more acceptable and better tolerated by the patients our study, the recurrence rate was As well as, adding laser recurrent cases took place in the incompletely flattenedirradiation from the beginning of the treatment improves keloids, so it is strongly advised to continue the sessionsresults and prevent textural changes which may follow till the complete involution of the scar is achieved.

The first signs of response weregenerally a decrease in pain and itching as early as week ConCluSIonS4 after 1 session only , as well as flattening the scar 4 weeks after the 1st session followed by the decrease our experience in use of combination of 5-fluorouracilin erythema 8th week, after 2 sessions , and then the to suppress fibroblast activity, corticosteroids tosoftening of the scar 16th week, after 3 sessions. Our suppress inflammation as well as fibroblast activity,results correlate well with those stated by Manuskiatti and and pulsed dye laser therapy to suppress angiogenesiscolleagues21 where the average time to onset the action and endothelial cell growth factor.

Thewe conclude that the laser therapy is slower in action use of 5-fu alone has been proved to be extremelyand delayed till the 16th week, but the overall cosmetic effective and safe. We can increase the effectivenessresults are much more better than intralesional formulas and reduce the pain, decrease the frequency, throughalone.


Skin needling as a treatment for acne scarring: An up-to-date review of the literature

Transient burning sensation or discomfort was the add medium-concentration TAC and can improve themost common adverse effect reported by all patients, as skin texture and reduce the erythema, and decreasewell as the purpuric discoloration that appeared after also the frequency through Pdl. Some patients may 8 J Amleast unacceptable side effects.

Acad Dermatol Oct;45 4 Patel N, Clement M. Dermatol Surg Oct;28 10 ; The author greatly thanks Prof. Saleh daoud, The discussion Head of the dermatology department, damascus Pulseduniversity, damascus, Syria for his great cooperation dye laser treatment of burn scars. Alleviation orand academic support of this study. Burns May;29 3 Keloids and erythematous appearance. Aesthetic Plast Surg hypertrophic scars review and treatment strategies.

Nov-Dec;27 6 Semin Cutan Med Surg ; Cutaneous tissue repair practical flashlamp-pumped pulsed dye laser nm treatment implication of current knowledge. J Am Acad of hypertrophic scars in Asians. Ann Plast Surg Dermatol ;13 6 Oct;51 4 Alster T. Laser scar revision:comparison study of and glaucoma filtering surgery I: An animal model. Dermatol Surg Jan;29 1 Flourouracil Filtering Surgery Study Group.

Moving beyond the glial scar for spinal cord repair

Five- Clinical effect year follow-up of the Fluorouracil Filtering Surgery of a single pulsed dye laser treatment of fresh surgical Study. Am J Ophthalmol ; Dermatol Surg5. Fitzpatrick RE.

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Treatment of inflamed hypertrophic Jan;32 1 Dermatol Surg Increased type I ; Alster TS. Improvement of erythematous and mRNA and protein in hypertrophic burn scar. J Invest hypertrophic scars by the nm flashlamp-pumped Dermatol ; Ann Plast Surg Feb; Activation of7. Treatment of keloid sternotomy collagen gene expression in keloids:co-localization of scars with nm flashlamp-pumped pulsed-dye laser.

Beta-1 mRNA. J Invest Dermatol ; Lancet May; Manuskiatti W, Fitzpatrick RE. Treatment response8. Plast Reconstr Surg 5-fluorouracil, and nm flashlamp-pumped pulsed- Jan;95 1 ; discussion Arch Dermatol ; Improvement of facial acne New combination laser. J Am Acad Dermatol Jul;35 1 Pulsed dye laser treatment of laser for treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scars. Plast Reconstr Surg Dermatol Surg ; Nov; 6 Nanda S, Reddy BS. Intralesional 5-fluorouracil as a Effect of treatment modality of keloids.

Dermatol Surg ; the nm flashlamp-pumped pulsed dye laser Keloid scars; Feb;27 2 Energy Am Acad Dermatol ;S Parity will Objective: To establish the safety and efficacy of determine the initial dose of misoprostol to be used. The results studied were; the failure of induction rate, Methods: This study was done in labour suite, caesarean section rate, hyperstimulation rate, and theDepartment of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Al-Yarmouk fetal outcome. Eighty-three women with singleton pregnancies and achieved in 74 women Caesarean sectionwith different parities and different indications for done for nine women After failure of induction 4.

Box ,dubai, uAE. The study included 83 womenbe to be used with caution as the number of women is with selection criteria of singleton, viable pregnancieslimited in this study. Bishop score for each and every woman was documented before starting the induction Induction of labour is a common procedure.

About Table 1 and 2. Threeinitiate uterine contractions leading to progressive doses of misoprostol, eight hourly apart, were regardeddilatation and effacement of cervix and birth of the baby. Continuous CTG monitoringThis includes both women with intact membranes and was available for each and every woman in the study. As with any other intervention, to establish labour by 24 hours i. These methods were unfavorable bishop score, less than 3 53 womenfound not to be acceptable by most of the women favorable bishop score, more than 3 30 womenin our department and were associated with higher Table 1.

Modified bishop score. METhodS Table 3. The study was conducted in the labour ward of The 11 Tachysystole, if happened, was to CTG showed late decelerations. There were 7 cases ofbe managed by reassurance and pain relief pethidine neonatal admission, mainly for transient tachypnea of mg I. No women in the failure of induction group wanted to have rest and retry. Parity No. Parity of women enrolled.

Table 7. Complications noted after induction. Twenty three women Thirty-one women Prostaglandine E2 has been used effectivelyand only nine This is Table 5. Duration of labour. The Cochrane review relating to Table 6. Percentage of women according to need of vaginal misoprostol indicated that misoprostol doses. Tenore JL. Methodes of cervical ripening and inductionof labor in pregnancies with modified bishop score of of labor.

68 Lipomas Removed From a Patient's Arms! - Dr. Pimple Popper

Am Fam Physician ; Oral misoprostol for the induction of labour at term: randomized controlled In the light of this evidence, the recent WHO trial. BMJ ; Laborlist of essential drugs. The induced nulliparas. Obstet Gynecol ; American college of obstetrics and gynecology agree: 5. Bishop EH. Pelvic scoring for elective induction.